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  • Yo

    Rule nigga

    Ja Rule, O-1

    [Ja Rule]


    It's our world, please believe

    Niggas ain't real, please believe

    It's murda, please believe

    I-N-C niggas what's fucking with me?

    R-U-L-E love me or hate me baby

    Refer to 3:36 baby

    That's the rule please niggas don't get it confused

    See this game that we playing, y'all playing to lose

    Who's next that wanna ride (who)

    Spitting (who) how I do niggas (who?) knowin they wanna ride (who)

    Rule baby, I've been really outta control lately

    If you relating let me hear ya say yea-yaay yea-yaay

    Y'all feeling my pain? I've been running wild time and again

    Y'all swerve in my lane, I'll pull up and start popping ya brain

    Fuck knowin' these broads names, extravengant champagne

    Y'all niggas is lame, my niggas ain't sane

    Who you fuckin' with?

    [Chorus: Ja Rule, O1, Vita]

    Ya'll niggas wanna be dead (who)

    Then wanna ride (who?)

    Ya'll know the niggas who steady screaming (fuck you)

    It's murda murda, you know it's murda murda

    We scream it, we yell it, we living murda murda murda

    Ya'll ain't feelin (who)

    Ya'll don't like (who)

    Ya'll know the niggas that be steady screaming (fuck you)

    It's murda murda, you know it's murda murda

    We live it, we breathe it, we screaming murda murda murda

    [Ja Rule]

    Murder Inc is my blood

    We go through the pain together by any means

    Popping it hot at whoever or so it seems

    Niggas that getting hot not this hot nigga very hot

    See it in your eyes niggas ready to die

    But as long as I'm alive I'm putting this on my life

    For niggas that ain't right they get it upon sight

    If ya know me then you know we pop away

    Cock and pop again baby, men will be men

    I spit off 10 fuck it give 'em the 16

    Like my guns dirty and hands clean

    Loose bitches in tight jeans

    Old money and crack fiends was a fetish

    Before Guliani got into office and deaded shit

    Fuck it I'm living my life on the edge

    Got one in the head plus a nigga's fed 'nuff said

    I'm gonna behead niggas that don't believe this

    Rule baby, 3:36



    We are the world's most dangerous niggas alive

    All of my niggas bang with us and let's ride

    Muthafuckas will war but not many survive

    Cuz 50 shots tearing through the side of ya ride

    Cuz we are (murderuhz)

    Muthafucka you heard player (murderuhz)

    Popping collars in air

    Popping shots through ya rearview

    Bullets, they tear through

    Got niggas wondering like "What the fuck did I do"

    So niggas wanna go and get they man cuz they can't do this shit

    Because they ain't got no heart for this, bust a gun and body shit

    Niggas like you probably snitch, do a nigga then get rich

    Niggas like you always fit 6 feet deep inside a ditch

    There ain't nothing fucking with this ya know why?

    Nigga I just came into the game ready to die

    Ready to hold heat, drive-by with Rule

    Popping shots through the sun roof screaming "fuck you"


    Murderuhz.....I...N...C...Ha...Ha...Ha...-fade out-

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