Waptrick P Square Ft 9ice - All The Way Текстове на песни

  • intro

    All the way baba

    Psquare Fagekulili

    All the way baba

    9ice Ogini di

    All the way baba

    You do me i do you

    All the way baba

    Fagazilili gongo aso, kutukpu a wu


    All the way, the way

    No delay, delay

    We are going higher, getting stronger

    All the way

    1st VERSE

    Won’se ko’baje gbinrin mon dan bi Oyin (People are looking forward for my downfall but the opposite what is happening, progression, success and breakthrough)

    Won dite ala’digun kile ni mose la’gbole Orin (Many plan evil against me but the better I get)

    All the way baba, sadankata foruko re (All the way God I give thanks to You)

    All the way baba moshi fila fun idajo re (All the way God I raise my Cap for your judgment)

    No be my power, no be Might

    No be by choice, na by my Right

    Kori fun e bi ero re simi (Let it happen to you as you wish it happens to me)

    You can never take what belongs to me

    Everlasting father glory be to thee



    All the way see as we deh grow

    See as we deh blow no ending

    But whether you like am or you no like am

    Na osondi owendili

    Fagazilili oginidi fagekulili ndinwo

    But as a microphone hero

    I dont give a damn if you no like me seal o

    So dont put the blame on me

    Baba God don bless me blame on Him

    And if you try put the blame on Him

    Brother holy ghost fire go deh reign on you

    fagazilili ogini di, fagekulili ndinwo

    fagazilili ogini di, ogini di



    All the way baba iwo lon toju mi

    All the way you are the one taking care of me

    All the way baba iwo lon pese fun mi

    All the way God you provide for me

    All the way baba iwo on shike mi

    All the way God you Care for me

    Awon abinu eni ti poto

    Iwo lon’gbemi bori Won

    Awon afoju feni mafo’kan Feni

    Won ti rogba yimika to

    Iwo lon ni kin ma selo

    Iwo loni kin ma selo

    Mon selo, mon selo, mon selo

    Baba ma wehin mi,

    Iwo loni kin ma selo

    (No matter how the enemies are you help me conquer.

    Including those that pretend they love me.

    You instruct me to continue doing what i do

    and lead the way for me)

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