Waptrick Carole King - Now And Forever Текстове на песни

  • Now and forever, you are a part of me

    And the memory cuts like a knife

    Didn't we find the ecstasy, didn't we share the daylight

    When you walked into my life

    Now and forever, I'll remember

    All the promises still unbroken

    And think about all the words between us

    That never needed to be spoken

    We had a moment, just one moment

    That will last beyond a dream, beyond a lifetime

    We are the lucky ones

    Some people never get to do all we got to do

    Now and forever, I will always think of you

    Didn't we come together, didn't we live together

    Didn't we cry together

    Didn't we play together, didn't we love together

    And together we lit up the world

    I miss the tears, I miss the laughter

    I miss the day we met and all that followed after

    Sometimes I wish I could always be with you

    The way we used to do

    Now and forever, I will always think of you

    Now and forever, I will always be with you

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