Waptrick M I - Love Sex Bs Текстове на песни

  • Shawty you are the one

    I am proud to be your man

    Without you I am a zero

    Together we’re a ten

    They say that time is money

    And the time we gonna spend

    With no urgency

    The currency

    The time will never end

    Keep nursing me to love baby

    you be patient

    Words are getting in the way of true communication

    Hey did you tell your fam about the new relation

    Am I jumping the gun, am I too impatient

    I want it all asap

    You straighten up my mind like I am wearing a wave cap

    I am not here lying and nothing can fake that

    I am just pouring out my heart in a way you can play back

    You gave a brother hope, is it something to take back

    Without you, that EKG line gon stay flat

    I’m gonna need a doctor

    I’m not talking about Dre’s back

    So hey black queen , you’re a dream, you’re the sun

    You’re the one, you’re the woman

    All night

    All day

    I am thinking of you (girl i really love you)

    You are on my mind o

    Ma yi lo

    Pretty love rid of my loneliness

    Give me hug, be my bud, be my homie bless

    Promise me there’ll be no BS

    No lying, no cheating, not a phony yes

    Or a fake no

    I see your halo

    Are you about the Benjamins when J’s low (Jlo)

    Are you Marc Anthony, my season, baby say no

    No Rome in our empire, Imma stay home

    Sweet poetry, our odyssey

    Among billions of other niggas, yea you noticed me

    How did you know it’s me

    I got to know this B

    This feelings can change the world

    I got to show it see

    Cos if i hide, then my life

    To be become one, we are an item

    I left these other girls, I never write them

    My queen, you are a dream, you’re the one

    You’re the sun, you’re the one


    What’s up baby (What’s up baby)

    I mean (i mean), we’ve through these ups and downs

    and at the point it seemed like it was over (was over)

    But guess what, we are stronger than ever

    I just want you to know (just want you to know)

    That at the end of it all baby (end of it all), you are the one baby (you are the one)

    Just me and you

    That’s you and I

    We gotta make it happen

    Baby, it’s do or die

    I bury the feeling in my chest till i am eulogized

    I might as well die now, sweet suicide

    Doll, I am missing you like crazy, where the hell is you

    I think about the day i met you, i can tell it’s you

    Honey you are the one, so sweet I relish you

    Friends try to make us bitter, them the jealous few

    I love how you answer me

    How you make me handle me

    Your beauty sings to me

    Beautiful symphony

    Lyrical love, greatest hits ..what we conduct together

    Turn the lights down low and we can f**k forever

    No matter how I do

    I love how we do

    When the world stresses us, we get therapeutic

    Shrink in my arms love, I’ll protect you

    When you feel alone, I’ll be coming to your rescue

    Repeat “Yea” till fade

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