Waptrick T Pain - Cant Believe It Текстове на песни

  • [T-Pain - Intro]

    She make me feel so GOOD..

    Better than I would by myself or..

    if I was with somebody else

    You don't understand

    She make the people say yeeeeeeea-aah, yeeeeeeeeeeaa-aah

    [Verse 1]

    Uh, I can put you in a log, cabin.. somewhere in Aspen

    Gurl, ain't nuttin to the Pain, ain't trickin

    if you got it, what you askin.. forrr?

    Put you in a mansion, somewhere in Wis-canson

    Like I said, ain't nuttin to the Pain, we can change the last name, what's hap'nin?

    'Cause you look so GOOOOD, tell me why you wanna work here

    I put you on the front page of the King magazine

    but you ogn' get yo'self hurt here

    Huh, 'ey! Baby, I bought you in the back just to have a conversation

    Really thank you need some ventilation

    Let's talk about yoooooooooooou, and meeeeeeeeeee

    [Chorus 2X]

    Oh, I can't believe it!

    Ooh, ooh, she all on me, on me

    Man, man, I thank she want me, want me

    Naw, I, can't leave her lonely, naaaaaw!


    Man you don't understand, she make the people say yeeeeeeea-aah

    Yeeeeeeeeeeaa-aah, yeeeeeeeeeeaa-ah

    She hit the main stage, she make the people say yeeeeeeea-aah (yeah)

    Yeeeeeeeeeeaa-aah (yeah), yeeeeeeeeeeaa-ah

    [Verse 2]

    I can put you in the condo, all the way up in TOronto

    Baby, put you in a fur coat, ridin the Murcielago

    I put you in the beach house, right on the edge of Costa Rica

    Put one of them lil' flowers in your hair, have you lookin like a fly mamacita - fuego

    'Cause you look so GOOOOD, you make me wanna spend it all on ya

    Get up out this club, slide wit ya boy and we can do what you wanna - yeaaah

    Baby, I bought you in the back, 'cause you need a lil' persuasion

    Plus you need a lil' ventilation

    Let's talk about yoooooooooooou, and meeeeeeeeeee

    [Chorus 2X]


    [Lil Wayne]

    She make the people say..

    Ah, she make the people say..

    T-Wayne, yah!

    Now I can put'cho ass out, ohhh keep runnin yo' mouth, hehe

    And if yo brothers keep trippin, I'ma show 'em what these teardrops 'bout

    Hehe, shawty I was just playin, ohhh but I can take you to the Caymen, Islands

    Have you screamin, and hollerin when we makin - love on the beach

    The people see what we doin

    Aww, they pointin and ooh'in

    Ohh, but we gon' keep on doin, it

    like it's just me and you and no one else around

    It went down on the balcony

    and I ain't talkin no penthouse suite

    Shawty like a model out the Penthouse sheets

    That's why I got her on my penthouse sheets

    and oh I can't believe it..

    [Chorus 2X, w/ Lil Wayne singin with him]


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