Waptrick Nasty C and Runtown - Said Текстове на песни

  • [Pre-Chrous: Nasty C]

    Up with the weights, I work

    And down with the pack, I roll

    Now up with the sack and you know that I deserve it

    Half and half when we split the purse, yeah

    The preacher man said:

    "Please remember that your savings is on the way"

    I still remember when the teacher man said:

    "I wouldn't make it", but I made it anyway

    [Chorus: Runtown]

    I said it wasn't easy

    Right now everyting is amazing

    That I be driving 'em loco

    Them are taking my photo

    I remember that they telling me no, no

    Right now everyting is global

    That I be driving 'em locals

    Them are taking my photo

    [Verse 1: Nasty C]

    Now I put the label in full effect

    I keep the prayers in motion, ain't no pulling back

    I was boxed in, all the boxes that I couldn't check

    And God came through for me would you look at that

    Now I'll be leaving a legacy outta hobby

    I never chased the dream, I designed it

    Big crib, you hear the echo in the lobby

    Boy I was broke as hell when they found me

    Hell is where they found me

    I'm past it, I made it, facts

    My haters all plastic, fake

    In fact my family is all happy, I'm grateful, thanks

    And all the things I say are all naked, facts

    I hope I get to meet up with my mother when I'm gone

    Just to talk about my life and all the haters that I've won

    I ain't saying that I'm right

    'Cause sometimes I got it wrong

    I had nobody to talk to so I said it in the song

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