DJ Khaled feat Cardi B feat 21 Savage - Wish Wish - Lyrics

Cardi, Cardi bops
Cardi, Cardi sendin' shots
We The Best music
Cardi, from the block
Cardi, with the Glock
Cardi, yeah
Cardi, yeah
Another one
Cardi, yeah, yeah, yeah
DJ Khaled
They say my time is almost up, tell them bitches, "Wish, wish"
All these hoes lookin' cold, all these bitches fish sticks
Put a ribbon on my box 'cause this pussy gifted
I ain't got no free time, all my shit expensive
See my ring, my watch, my chain and everything is lit, lit (Ice)
All this gold on a bitch, I feel like I'm Slick Rick
If they love me or they hate me, it don't make no difference (Cardi)
It be hard not to kill a ho 'cause I be tempted
Now I be countin' money, buyin' jewelry, hoes be ridin' dick (Dick)
I just make my M's and mind my business, hoes be ridin' dick (Dick)

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