Lil Flip - Kim Kardashian - Lyrics

  • [chorus]
    Can you act a fool, do the Kim Kardashian, (x7)
    yeh yeaaah, you already know!

    Look here you act a fool and do the kim kardashian,
    you know these chicks right here with me, so why you keep on askin em’,
    smashing em and passing em, you know she got a body that should be in maximum, i’m international and platinum, ya dudes better catch up quick, trick, she talk slick, her body thick she shaped just like a bumble bee, you say you wanna show for me, but 45 to summer field, i’ma be where drama be, hosting rolling tumble weed, when i saw this chick in front of me, if i wink my eye she come with me, ladies night, mercedes white, with suede on the floor mats, my jewelry photogenic, now let me pose for this kodak, you bad and you know that, the cash i’m a ball that, hate me god damn, i wonder how your chains hold up,


    My nikes on, my bikes chrome, she in the club trying to show her little white thong, deep dish rims clean like a dishwasher, i love it when she call me gates, word to big poppa, i roll with big mobsters, we controlling the game, you in love with her body, i’m controlling the brain, she keep the louie purse and a coogi shirt, she ain’t a lazy chick, she down to go to work, she in shape like a trainer, suckers fiending to bang her, she wear juicy couture, won’t fit in her wranglers, plus she drive a big …, just like Kim K, you tried to holler she tell you some sh-t like no comprende,


    You a bad bad chick, put your hands in the air,
    hands in the air, put your hands in the air x2

    If you pay your own bills, put your hands in the air,
    hands in the air, put your hands in the air (x2)

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