Pitbull Ft Rihanna And Ti - Live Your Life Remix - Lyrics

  • Your gonna be a shinig star with fancy clothes a fancy car then you'll see your gonna go far cuz everyone knows who you aree. so live your life AH ahhhhhah you steady chacing that paper just live your life OH ahhhhhhah an't got no time for no inter. just live your life AH ahhhhhah no telling where it will take wa. just live your life Oh ahhhhhhah cuz i'm a paper chaser. dame right i'm goin to live my life.i'm goin to live my life thats right rather you like it or not and if you hate me boy i'm hoping that you hate me your life. and if this music don't work, lord send me your block and watch me flood it like katrina let the government watch. my peoples on government watch, i used to get government help F*** the government. they could hardly cover themselves. America the land of hustlers and thieves, hardworkers i'm speak i'm proud to be. our society is greedy don't appreciate freedom we should take them to Cuba and Hattai let proverty greet them. so all my peoples in Cuba dreaming of freedom keep fighting i'm comin' in this B**** with GOD'S help.

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