Wiz Khalifa - Goodbye - Lyrics

  • i workd for everything i own, dare a nigga try and take it
    take 300 on the frames just from blocking out you haters
    swear their in my way, they in my rear view mirror,
    if a nigga act stupid ima let him get his issue ...
    everything designer and my back seat reclinic
    , got a thing for looking good and blowing money like its tissue { tissue }
    but niggaz see you eating get starving for a plate ,
    but you dont give it when they hate
    thats why my niggas keep a biscuitt
    its no gimmik, i talk it how i live it, when a nigga cross the finish gotta push it to the limit..
    gotta mom and lil sister , i plan on takin carre of, lost my uncle this yearr couple niggas in the system..
    so i roll, no tellin where im landing , but i know somethin im going towards some money
    i can see you niggas slacking , everyday im on my job , yung khalifa goin hard till the im last man standing.....
    {chorus} x2
    tell em go home cause ima go hard ..go hard or ima go home.. i havent been there you know in so long...so goodbye...
    got my eyes on this money and spome good weed burning buyn from ya goin hard is not an option now these niggas actin jeolous cuz they feel like they aint shining, but they little shit stop, when its big shit poppin...
    green feen, gotta keep it in my system, 60 box of cigarellos cuz i blow it by the onion, { by the onion } pack up some dollar bills send some paper to my youngin, cuz he just like steve francis he be playin with them rockets...
    whippin on the wheel got my peddle to the medal , bout to hit anither city aint no point of getting settled { settled } strait to on the plane aint been home in so long u think its my cologne but its money that u smellinnn.
    eyes like my father , cant stand my older brother, got some niggas doing years, cuz of funny niggas telling...
    nigga ima be grinding till the day that i expire, and runnin threw the burns till im the last man standing..
    { chorus } x2

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