Waptrick Salt N Pepa - Get Up Everybody Get Up Song Lyrics

  • Ok, y'all, this is it now bust it

    The mic will sing soon as I touch it

    Do this smooth and easy like

    So we might get hyped in here tonight

    Be nice, relax, MC's further back

    If you ain't with that

    I'm-a have to attack you with a bad rap

    That can smack the smile off your face Jack

    So don't start no crap

    Givin' a little bit of heart and soul

    As we do it to you in your earhole

    Huh, I ain't going out like a sucker

    And if you think so, boy, then pucker up

    And kiss the butt of this lyricist

    Blow on the mic and make a wish

    This groove is set to soothe and move you

    Party people now it's time to

    Get up, I think the sound will make you

    Get up, word up, I swear you got to

    Get up, everybody get up

    Get up, everybody get up

    Get up, everybody get up

    Spinderella my DJ's a turntable trooper

    My partner Pepa she's a power booster

    Word to life, I swear, she'll seduce ya

    Don't take my word, I'll introduce her

    I don't need no introduction, I just bust in

    Grab a microphone and then start dustin'

    So-called lyricists can never deal with this

    Swift-lipped vocalists either and also if

    I was a mute, I'd still knock boots

    Put up your dukes, troop, and I'm-a play ya like a flute

    To show you all on me you can't sleep on

    Spinderella, please drop some beats on

    This crowd, pump it up loud

    Gimme a scratch, ok now

    It's time for hell to be raised

    As I kick some lyrics on the beats Hurb made

    Salt's at my side with a shotgun

    A little action? I just had some

    What can I say? The girl don't play

    Gonna skip town on Judgement Day

    So don't just sit there like a poo-putt stupid

    The record's called "Get Up", I think you better do it

    Get up, everybody get up

    Get up, everybody get up

    Get up, everybody get up

    Salty that's me flippin' on MCs

    I'm not gonna waste your time on the strength, I'll be

    Def, dumb, dope, completely phenominal

    You didn't know? Yeah, right, come on now

    Oh, I'm supposed to believe E-M-C-E-E's

    Are glad Salt is makin' G's?

    Save that crap, I got my public to rap to

    Tried to play me out, I ought to slap you, punk

    For being disrespectful

    I grip the microphone like a pitbull terrier

    Yes, but I'm scarier, under a ton of rhymes I'll bury ya

    Hyped like a poet, on the mic I'll show it

    Do-re-mi fa-so-la ti-do it

    Jazz, rhythm, blues, soul, pop, rock 'n roll, even hip-hop

    Lovers, are my brothers and sisters

    All in all over ten billion listeners

    Lend me your ear when you want to hear

    The hypest and ripest sound of the year

    Get up, everybody get up...

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