Waptrick Samklef Ft D Prince Wizkid Ice Prince - Molowo Noni Song Lyrics

  • Intro:

    E yeh yeh yeh,

    Baba God noni

    Baba God noni ah ah (2ce)

    Samklef noni

    Its ur boy wizzy

    Who goes there

    Omo-oba, hmmmnn, Iceprince,

    Tell me what to do


    Molowo molowo molowo noni

    Mo nawo mo nawo noni ah ah

    Baba God noni ah ah

    (Repeat chorus 2ce)

    Verse 1 by Wizkid:

    And now i got more money

    Noni, I thank God for me

    Noni, now they call me Wizzy and

    I rep Emezy now

    and the girls den dey feel me

    See me, I thank God for me

    Yeh! Owo nla ni moni

    Mo dupe lowo Olorun noni

    Aye mo wale sugbon mo njaye mi jeje

    I no send nobody

    (Repeat Chorus 2ce)

    Verse 2 by D’Prince:

    Hey omo-oba

    Its ur boy omo-oba

    This niggas aint serious

    Money dey ooze for my body continuously

    Me in my prime like muhammed ali

    U seen u u see me

    U see everything I see

    I dey look I dey see

    I dey feel i dey sense

    You hating but we sitting on the fence

    U see me I dey Jonze thats me noni

    Don’t trip if u know say u no carry pass me

    Let me tell u something something u dont know

    Prince of effizzy omo-oba u dont know

    How much wey i get walai I dont know

    I don show

    Prince of Efizzy don blow

    As i sabi oversabi be dey worry me

    And na kakakaku over kaku dey worry me

    No time, having a nice time

    It’s the last time, dey go see a bad prince like me

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Verse 3 by Iceprince:


    Lets go, Samklef, what it do, Iceprince Listen,

    Noni, Why these girls fronting on me Why they try to put the evil spirit on me

    I’m still upcoming but am getting money

    And next year my sky is gonna be sunny

    Iceprince, I know u must have heard about me

    I dont play piano but am always on key

    I always change gear but I ride automatically they compare me with the greatest so really me i agree

    I am a big ass problem

    In the street government

    I flow with intellectual doctor hood like I’m robin

    I’m sitting on the hill top

    A lot has been expected

    Now I’m getting salutes from the rappers I respected hehe

    Now I’m smiling to the bank

    Freestyling with the gang

    Still flying with the band

    And if u listen close the record is on demand

    I don’t listen to these haters talk I’m trynna build the bread life like

    Its me on my own me

    I’ll be on every track and nobody can run me

    All they shit ass rappers nobody can harm me

    What more can I say my Jehovah noni” “blaaah”

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