Waptrick Easy E - Real Thugs Song Lyrics

  • [Eazy-E]

    Yeah, let's take a trip

    Just sit back and light a spliff with this and don't slip

    On a funky-dope track jump back

    Strapped with a fat buudah sack and a 7-8 'Lac

    Go clean, gangsta lean, I got green

    But I serve dubs like it ain't no thing

    It's so sweet, when you got money to spend

    I got a proper big tilt and a fabec Benz

    I make ends, spend my dough on no foe

    That's how it is, and that's how it goes

    Act like ya know when I drink real slow

    Givin love to them playaz that I know is real g's


    Mobbin' like a motherfucker stuck

    Can you put your middle finger out the window gettin' fucked off - liquor

    Get loaded can't control it

    Nigga pass me the blunt and let me roll it

    You get the bones act to the whole stack

    keep your dough fat


    Or you might get what we call the rat pack

    I get seduct by the skanless trick

    let me hit it one time and trick that sick

    I don't trip, gives my dough to no foe

    That's how it is, I got no love for ya


    And jealous muthafuckas can't see

    That it's the fame that caught these stupid bitches, pass the pussy free

    So tell me why u sweatin' a muthafucka like me?

    A young nigga tryin' to a hustle up some G's

    You pussy ass playa hatin' hoes speakin' down on niggas

    Jumpin' around at the shows

    And your the first muthafucka to jump

    To the trunk when it's time for fun

    Little trick ass punk


    Dump dump on fools with a quickness

    And they got no cure for this sicknes s

    I get paid for the way that I kick this

    Like a g-ster, an OG-ster (who's that?)

    A real playa named Eazy

    And I live my life straight crazy

    Don't need no punk fools payin me

    And broke groupies and hootchies don't faze me

    I take two steps back and release myself

    To put platinum and gold on the record shelf

    I don't brag, but i tell it like it straight-up is

    Before you do a record, partner, handle your business


    And tell me what does it take to be a G?

    I started with a quarter ounce and bounced to a key

    You gotta watch your back stay strapped, be alert

    Started as a young muthafucka doin' dirt

    And now im in the rap game like the crack game

    I got enemies

    Can't pretend to see my friends are not my enemies

    And even thug muthafuckas wanna have fun

    Stuck it, buckin' my muthafuckin magnum

    What does it take to be a G?

    Silence is a must, violence is a plus

    Plus, shots at my adversaries

    Dem niggaz scary best it's time to be buried

    Cause ill be buckin' in a fuckin hurry

    [Ice Cube]

    They give us guns and drugs

    Then wonder why in the fuck we thugs

    They wanna count the slugs

    Then come around here and fuck with us (you know)

    They give us guns and drugs

    Then wonder why in the fuck we thugs

    They wanna count the slugs

    Then come around here and fuck with us


    Every hood's the same {x6}

    Stop trippin on me

    Every hood's the same(x6)

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