Waptrick Saint Loco - Breakaway Song Lyrics

  • Never want to go back through that day never again

    Never want to fade in my way that will make me insane

    I’m trap in a ship wreck which is drowning so quick

    Make me lost to the bottom it’s hard to solve problem

    Seems like everything crumbles

    There is no direction

    So lost in translation can find no more satisfaction

    Stuck in a dead end try all over again


    Why don’t ya


    To another day


    Well I need a courage inside, got to leave the past all a side

    Build a new pride with a fresh start to provide

    May I learn from my mistake and let it time will overtake

    Made a better chance for better day

    Live a better life in a better way

    Get out

    It ain’t getting better

    So u get out

    Get out

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