Waptrick Lil Wayne Ft Yo Gotti - Women Lie Men Lie Song Lyrics

  • [Chorus]

    Women Lie, Men Lie

    Women Lie, Men Lie

    Women Lie, Men Lie

    Numbers don’t lie!

    (x 6)

    [Yo Gotti]

    Ay, step up in the party and them bad bitches be on me

    I be sippin on Patron when I’m jumpin out Ferrari’s

    I be rockin Gucci sometime Louie, I’m retarted

    And dem rims by Asanti But the shades by Bulgari

    Hand on my scrap I got my mind on my money

    i got my mind on dine and he aint takin nothing from me

    headed on this choppa tek

    headed on this choppa tek

    headed on a hunded round cuz thats how much the cheapest sh-t

    ballin is my hobby got a homie goin shoppin

    5 star with me a milli in a lobby

    Took her to the room, she hit me wit that line

    Said she aint that type of girl so I told her stop lyin


    [Lil Wayne]

    Young money, yeah, ok,

    I aint gotta lie, cross my heart hope to die,

    the numbers don’t lie, G-5 over sky,

    I f-cked her p-ssy good, make her cry if I tried,

    I’m tired of being sick and I’m sick of being tired,

    tired of these n-ggas and tired of these b-tches,

    sh-t let em lie as long as they aint snitching,

    and men lie about women,

    and sh-t women lie about plenty,

    They aint lying on me Im in the bed with 2 fine b-tches lying on me,

    so that would make 3 and numbers don’t lie,

    and money don’t lie,

    and neither do I,



    (the numbers don’t lie, the the numbers dont lie…)

    [Yo Gotti]

    I’m tryin to count to a billion, my bitch brazillian

    Hop in that Lamb, push the button, lose the ceiling

    Sun out no rain drops, postin the same spot

    Right here in North North Memphis

    Where I came from

    Hundred on the neck, I aint never had sh-t

    The streets gave me family, Barry White cut the check

    Aint no secret in the streets, n-ggas know I got neck

    Got the swagger through the roof, I was born just to flex

    Zip code on my wrist, phone number in the bank

    In my ten til six with my 305 paint

    I got my 357 and my 501’s

    In a Lear 55 wit my Air Force One’s (NO LIE)


    ay it’s yo boy yo gotti

    (Say what you want but the numbers don’t lie)

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