Fluid Football

Fluid Football

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  • Developed in close collaboration with award-winning expert commentators Andy Gray and Richard Keys, Fluid Football merges complex tactical scenarios with a beautifully simple control system that allows you to easily direct your whole team's actions by drawing runs and passes. Use real world techniques to score in a series of challenging set piece scenarios. Can you turn chances into goals and ultimately lift the cup? Andy Gray and Richard Keys are on hand to appraise your performance, and you can always Ask Andy for in depth advice, or practice your skills in The Academy. Each level of Fluid Football has been intricately designed by real-world experts to recreate the pivotal moment of a match - throw-ins, corners and free kicks that set the stage for sensational goals. You have complete tactical freedom to win the match- string together passes, out-pace defenders, set up pinpoint crosses - if you can do it on the field you can do it in Fluid Football. Fluid Football is THE football game this season that puts tactical decision making at your fingertips.

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