Jump Dude Jump

Jump Dude Jump

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I was sitting in my living room watching my favorite TV show. There were some strange cracking voices coming from the ceiling which I could not quite understand. Suddenly my neighbor fall upon me from upstairs.What the hell is going on? Am I flying? OH YEAHHH! Jump the hack out then! Move the dude around and collect candy bonuses which he likes the most. You can move the dude right, left and up using ARROW KEYS. Each bonus has a different color and different points. Ice bonus freezes all the pillows so that you continue the way more comfortably. Blast bonus makes you jump in a blast and helps you evade from bad situations. When the turbometer fills make him do the turbo jump. Collect bonuses and when the turbometer fills press FIRE to make him do the turbo jump.

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  • Download Jump Dude Jump game free

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