No Baby No Cry

No Baby No Cry

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  • Dive into the crying baby action with No Baby No Cry! No Baby No Cry mobile game features Mamello the baby-sitter who has got no job nor money. You are expected to look after the babies properly so bathe, feed, diaper, amuse, give pacifiers to babies to look after them. You start with one baby and babies increase in number as you progress throughout the game in No Baby No Cry. There is an in-game menu at the bottom of the screen. Babies will show you what they want in dialogue balloons. In No Baby No Cry you must choose the right action to take and if you do the right thing dialogue balloon will turn to green, if it is wrong dialogue balloon will be yellow. If the need of the baby is urgent dialogue balloon will turn to red warning you to take action soon. If their needs are not provided in time they would be miserable and cry a lot so No Baby No Cry please do not cry!

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