Panty Theft

Panty Theft

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Are you one of the tempted ladies or are you a fashion lover gentlemen? What about a Panty Theft game where you get naughty inside a shopping center which is full of nice night club cocktails, haute couture dresses, diamante bags, pocket dogs, exclusive champagne, expensive lingerie and so on? These tempting stuff can be seen on the sales and in the night clubs, in the spotlight and at the jewelry store show window - but then they disappear like shadows in Panty Theft. How do these expensive and glamorous things disappear? They know exactly where and how to find all these things! You should ask Panty Theft girls. Many, so many glamorous things like Diamante bags and pocket dogs, exclusive champagne and expensive lingerie just vanishes into thin air. Even walls and grates that can stop a tank are not able to hold back these blondes in their quest for fashion. They are driven by glamour and fashion is a disease in Panty Theft mobile game.

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