Moron Detector 2

Moron Detector 2

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  • Moron Detector 2 game is a puzzle game for your mobile device. If you missed us from the first Moron Detector, you will be glad to see the better version with Moron Detector 2. You will confront evil sketchbook after the evil chalkboard. Evil sketchbook is on the stage to trick you in every way. Questions are more complicated, more annoying and even more fun this time in Moron Detector 2 mobile game. You will want to punch the walls sometimes, but usually burst into laughter. Try to answer all the questions to make the best time but be careful not to be the fastest moron instead! If you finish the Moron Detector 2 game, it might prove that you are not a moron but we don’t know if you are a true genius either. There is no overdose for fun so get hooked up with Moron Detector 2 and cherish the awesome graphics and animations we bring you.

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