Top Gun - Wings of War

Top Gun - Wings of War

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  • Wings of war is an action platform game where you play an airforce leader trying to get rid of terrorist forces. Developing countries need help against terrorist forces which are threatening their country in wings of war mobile game. Your airforce is number one in the world and whatever necessary must be done to help these needy countries. Your team will set about a wide range operation in wings of war and this operation will consist of air and sea sectors. The airforce leader is always the one putting his life aside for the lives of others. The operation must be successful in wings of war. As the wings of war jet pilot, your duty is to go to the battle zone first and collect information. Wings of war features action-crammed dogfights and you be forced to kill enemies in an inevitable battle. You will be having vital dogfights as a jet pilot and outcome of these dogfights will determine the success of the operation. Wings up!

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