Waptrick Bad Brains - Hired Gun Letras de músicas

  • Hired gun

    Hired gun for sale

    Hired gun, on the run

    He won't fail

    Requesting quick, they asked the people

    Where's the hired gunman's trail?

    He turned into a dark, cold corner

    His is the face that is so pale

    Hired gun

    He's on the run

    He has no fun, no

    Please sit down, services rendered

    Now we must decide the pay

    Bargains to bribes, broken agreement

    So much more had but to pray

    Next a scam to execute, but a bit too cute

    So if you're looking for adventure

    Go check the hired gun for sale

    Hired gun

    He's on the run

    Better watch out, boy

    'cause he don't know fun

    Hired gun for sale

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