Waptrick D Banj Ft Kanye West - Scape Goat Remix نغمہ کی غزلیں

[Verse 1: Kanye West]

If you ask me

Anybody who ain’t tell you you was beautiful today need their ass beat

As we proceed, Island breeze, light the weed

I couldn’t find the words on how I feel

But what I lacked in skill I made up for in real

Time, the most precious thing a man could give

Because what she givn’ back is why that man can live

We need to take a break, minus the screech, oh

Find a resort, what? Private beach, ooh

Pina colada sippin’, by the sunset

My mission is to find every position, we ain’t done yet

[Hook : D'banj]

Take my heart, take my love

Take my body, come build my home

Stay with me di Iyawo mi

Cause you love me

I will be your scape goat, honey

Cause you came through for me

You gave me break through baby

You gave me break through baby

[Verse 2: D'banj]

Baby Boo I can see your eyes

Say you don jam many fools for your life

Them go come as lovers as them disguise

But as time goes by, na your body be the price.

Your back side sef…wey you carry na die

That’s why sometimes I no dey surprise

Them go say them love you but that na lie.

Chop and clean mouth, tell you bye bye

Me sef i no tell you say na me holy pass

Some people dey talk say i dey use jazz

Them say I bush, Some say I razz

Them say I be nobody, I no get class, Well

I’ve been bad and I know it and I’m sorry – wanna show it

But no one would give me a chance to prove myself

Despite what you’ve heard of me

You still went ahead to be with me

You have chosen to be there for me

To you, I make this vow

I say…


[Verse 3: Kanye West]

You getting louder than a two year old drumset

That’s a mean gift, you work a mean stick

You’re like a phoenix, you could be my phoenix

Just rub your hands all over my penis

Swag, swag on Mach 5

Pac, cause don’t it feel like Pac alive?

Feel my apocalypse, feel like I could just

Touch heaven with a Godess in my fingertips

And I’m just trying to kiss every single lips

Hey Yeezy, what’s your next single is?

That D’banj causing hysteria

Soon as we hop of the plane in Nigeria


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