Waptrick J Doe Ft Busta Rhymes And Tpain With David Banner - Coke Dope Crack Smack Текстове на песни

"Coke, dope, crack, smack!"


E! E!


Since this the remix, remix

I'mma have to do it Like it's never been done

I'mma have to kill it like it's never been one

Niggas that was spittin didn't get enough attention

Like, I do and I move it however the fuck I want to and

Niggas try to stop me, try to block me

Then I'm probably gonna give it to em quicker

Than a Kawasaki. Moving top speed - ow!

I'm Chris Brown: nigga, look at me now

Came from the muthafuckin bottom to the top

Now I rain on them niggas that was hating on the block

I'm the same lil nigga, that was tryna get a drop

Now the Range got the bitches goin crazy as fuck

Like "Ow look at that nigga J-Doe

Sing that song coke, dope" LEGGO


"Coke, dope, crack, smack!"


E! E! E! E! X2

[Busta Rhymes]

Y'all niggas already know what I be doing when I

Be getting on these records and be fucking up

Everything, I be bruckin up everything

And be shutting up everything and every other nigga dead

The way I come and I kill and I give em CRACK

And then I make em DUMB, hit em with the BAP

And then I make a nigga run, then I give em drugs

Kill another track, yeah I know, yeah I know, it ain't fair

Alright, alright, I'mma chill

Fuck that I lied bitch! B-b-b-busta bout to

D-d-d-d-do it and y-y-ya know that I'm b-b-b-back

They say that I'm the nicest and I'm hoping you know it's the fact

That nigga flow priceless!

Them niggas don't know how to act, when I get up on the beat

You know I'm coming for your food, because I gotta eat

And it ain't nothing you can do because I'm running through the street

And when I step up in the building, know I'm coming with the heat

Cause I got that:


"Coke, dope, crack, smack!"

E! E! E! E! X2

[David Banner]

Dope like riding on I-10

95 dope, blowing kush in the wind

With a cup full of Gin

Your bitch and her friend, You only see her top

Over here on my bed. Slap it in her face you know what I'm talking about

Pacquiao ? on the pussy I'mma knock it out

Wanna get through nigga, we could swap it out

Talk shit, get a cock blocked in your mouth

I admit that yo Bitch a dime, but I'm all in her mouth like a braces line

The girl love the way that the dick go down

*Car Beep* That's her, I'mma dick her now

I go to ya spot, ha-hard as a rock

Walk in homeboy I got a key, I never knock

She called me Uncle Luke cause I make her pussy pop

You stay in the trap but I live in her mouth..


"Coke, dope, crack, smack!"

E! E! E! E! X2

[T Pain]

Aye gimme that coke/dope/crack/smack

Put the dick on the track and I hit it from the back

And all the muthafuckas acting like they don't know how to act

Until I pull up in the Cadillac, sharp with a Mac in my lap- laugh at that

Ain't too much funny, yes I'm gettin to the money

Bitch and if a nigga want it, then I guess a nigga running

I can show how I be running shit

And niggas know I'm on that shit

3 or 4 of them ladies up in my hummer shit

(Coke Coke Coke) now go (Coke Coke dope dope)

Is he fuckin with T-Pizzle Nope, nope, nope, nope

Never drop the ball like its soap on a rope

Niggas can't cope so they take another toke

Somebody better come and tell these muthafuckas that

I never gave a fuck about a jealous muthafucka

But if somebody smell a muthafuckin rat, then

Go and tell his ass Teddy Pizzle be spittin that


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