Waptrick Lil Wayne - I Dont Like Текстове на песни

Girls that don’t do girls,

That’s that shit I don't like

Dick in the mouth,

Bitch eatin’ her out,

That’s that shit my girl like

I’m layin’ back with my feet up, bad bitch: D cups

All I had was one mile and she took half: prenup

I just licked my thumb and thumbed through that pussy like a catalog

All my niggas wanna fuck, and she gon let us like a salad bar

Yeah that’s right, real shit

Murderer I kill kill

Cash Money, cash cow that never cry over spilled milk

I’m way high on the highway, my girl call to get my lies straight

My machine gun go “brrrrr” like I got that bitch on vibrate

Niggas think they hot, I cut off the hand they fan with

Call me DMX, cause I keep me a bad bitch

T called some of them hoes up, Marley G roll up

I’m gettin’ bread like cold cuts, she suck dick till her nose run, yeah

A rich nigga that that shit they don’t like

All you niggas pussies, naw none of yo pussy’s tight

Gettin’ head while I drive make me run lights

These hoes wanna ride my dick you gotta hitchhike

No lie, I’m fuckin’ bitches and gettin’ paid

She suck my dick for 60 seconds and swallow all my Minute Maid

No lie, I’m gettin’ paid and fuckin’ bitches

The Feds on me, gotta switch plates:

In the streets we call that washin’ dishes

Left hand on that steering wheel, right hand on the nine-milly

T-roll my blunt long as a lifespan then I kill it

Eatin’ pussy, tongue kissin’ and all that

She ridin’ a nigga so fast, my dick feel like it’s been carjacked

Two guns drawn, art class, what that is thats y’all ass

Mo money, mo money, we gettin’ mo like tall grass

We are not one and the same

Blood is the game, you run in my veins

I bagged your bitch then fuck her

Now come get your bitch from baggage claim, nigga!

Dr. Carter, fuck her harder

All my homies bald, nigga

And guess what? I’m the barber

I’m too high if I come down my fat pockets my shock absorber

Like Hang Gathers I’m a diaballer, you flamin’ faggots put him out with water

Ugh! See that’s that shit I don’t like

Knock off your whole left side, now you all right

Yeah white diamonds, Vanilla Ice

My nigga Tunechi, yeah that nigga nice

Dedication 4, ho

(My nigga Tunechi, yeah that nigga nice)

CB fuck with me!

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