Waptrick Fat Joe Ft Kanye West - Pride N Joy Song Lyrics

[Intro: Miguel, Jadakiss, Yasiin Bey, DJ Khaled, & Busta Rhymes]

And even if she all about the money

I don't really care, yeah

I got a lot of money

It's enough of it that we can share, share

[Verse 1: Fat Joe (Kanye West)]

Court side at the Knick game, who the don?

Plus I worked on your kick game, Louboutin

Berkin bags made of python

She a beautiful nightmare (Turn the lights on)

So I could see that ass

Word to Martin Louie, the king (She free at last)

(Word to my nigga Joe Crack, you let her hold some stacks)

Yeah, before we go to the club she wanna go to Saks

I let her get the gold card, I'mma hold the black

(I let her get the black card, I couldn't hold her back)

Cause back in the back yard she used to hold the crack

So I cut them other hoes off like the couldesac

[Hook: Roscoe Dash (Fat Joe)]

I ain't never felt like this, I need some more (Now how cold is that?)

You gon' have to show me more, but you still my pride n joy

What's goin' on with me and you is real for sure

But you gon' have to show me more, but you still my pride n joy

You're still my pride n joy

[Verse 2: Fat Joe]

I ate dinner after, share with another, yo

She love women and she keeps it under cover, yo

And I love women, so she brings them under covers, yo

Fight then we fuck again, I swear I really love her though

Don't wanna be a player, help her find another Joe

Just to prove I love her, I use rubbers on my other hoes

And if she ever find out it'd be another blow

And that only me that I'mma have to hit another store

Spend another knot, hit another lot

That's how you know if you are in love or not

Bought her moms a whip on Mother's Day

Now I gotta get her the same whip her mother got


[Intro x4]

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