Waptrick hani shaker - hoa ana ansa Song Lyrics

ahaahaahaa do i forget do i forget

when you came and hurt me when you heart step on me

when you heart petray me and hurt me

and petray my love air infront off my eyes

do i forget do i forget

my hole life that you took

or my heart wichs you tricked

or the fire and torcher that i lived with you and saw it with you

do i forget do i forget (x2)

your coming again saying you want to buy me bake

that's enoug feel sorry for me

i was living between you arms

why did you hurt me

when my heart was with you was good and nice with you was an angel

i was wishing to please you

why did you lose me

why did you lose me

you coming bake after what there's nothing left in me

what's gone you wont find it

you mean i wont be me

no my heart don't complan

we saw from her so much torcher

the way we are walking in it has no hope in it

we got lost in it for years (x2)

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