Waptrick Jah Cure - Woman I Need You Song Lyrics


Woman i love you, i need you and

i can't do without you in my worldddd, my world


When i said that i love you girl

Don't think that i'm pretending

It's straight from my heart

The message i'm sending

I not like the rest of guys

Who hide they feelings

I just want to be myself, myself

Hurts me to know that you with someone

If you ever fall,i planning to catch you with my hands, with my hands

(repeat chorus)

Songs of joy,you make me sing

Tear of joy, she makes me cryyyyy

Those funny feelings, she giving me inside

Emotionally is taking over me

It's all because of you

Girl i know you love me too

Don't hide you feelings girl,

Let it show my dear

It's just singing for two

Can i play with you girl?

Can i play with you? you?

Can i play with you? you?

It's just a game for two

Girl you know, girl you know

(repeat chorus)until fade

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