Waptrick Lil John - What you gunna Do Song Lyrics

When you roll up in the club

and em niggas wanna mug

when you step up to their face

what they gonna do? (SHIT!)

If you roll up in the club and em hoes are acting up

when you step up to em hoes

what they gonna do? (SHIT!) x8

Fuck nigga, what's up?!

hell nah you aint go buck

all that shittin in the mouth gone get ya fucked up

Fuck nigga what's up

hell nah you aint go buck

all that shittin in the mouth gone get ya fucked up

you got game in the club wit yo mutherfuckin click

we dont give a fuck hoe!

y'all pussy ass bitches (x2)

It's some eastside (westside, northside,southside) niggas and they dippin their fists

and they step to every nigga that be talkin that shit (x4)


My brain is takin in too much pain

I'm bouts to explode first and then take names

But it's cool lil shorty dont be so alarmed

I learned a bruise nigga's without jabbin an arm

I dont play wit mutherfuckas cuz this shit be real

Make you hold yo breath longer than navy seals

And em boe's (HOES) will leave your ass dead in the path

like the way you cant differ yo dick from yo ass

I throw bows wit my niggas (what)

fuck hoes wit my nigga (what)

How the fuck you think i feel about disformin yo figure?

It's a closed casket for them hatin baster's

It's some g's thats real it's a mess of faggots

Who you talkin to? (bitch)

what ya gonna do? (trick)

When it's obvious to see that you aint gon do SHIT!

Lil scrappy the prince and i aint takin' no junk

i'm a quiet crunk nigga, and fuck being the punk


(lil jon)

YEeeeeah! yeahh

I'm lookin right at this mutherfuckin club (what)

Em' niggas still mutherfuckin lookin over here and shit

(and talkin n shit)

think we're gonna get some mutherfuckin straightening

in this mutherfucker

This is what we're gonna mutherfuckin do (what's up)

We're gonna walk over to these mutherfuckin niggas

And talk to their ass like this

only bitches talk shit! (x3)

that's why we bustin yo shit (x2)

We real niggas! (y'all hoes!) (x5)


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