Waptrick Mullage ft T I - Trickn Song Lyrics


Shawty ya know dat I got dat cash(cash)

You don't even have to ask.

Have anything you want too(too)

Cause I can make it rain on you

Cause you know it ain't trickin if you got(trickin trickin) if you got it

Everybody know it ain't trickin if you got it.

Trickin if you got(trickin trickin) if you got it.

Everybody know it ain't trickin if you got it.

I'm a pilot, I walk on through a profit

And everybody know it ain't trickin if you got it

I'm diggin in my pocket while I'm sippin this bacardy

Might throw a couple dollaz

Hell planty if ya smilin

Twistin on ya body but I really ain't decided

Just feel as tho I gota cause it really ain't an option

I'm scopin at your body while your bendin over poppin

Like damn don't stop it let me go back in my wallet


Yes, she so definet

The way her body move I can't help but stop and stare

Pull a stack up out my pocket

And say can I touch you there

Without no underwear

Think the opposite they pair

Slap them on in da mornin

I love how your performin

The more I made it ring

Her body organs kept on stormin

Go on stroke it from the center

Body quivers I deliver

Let me put you with a tip

I ain't second to remember


If you down for whatever tonight

Honey You can have whatever you like

And you don't gotta settle tonight

It don't get no better tonight

Lil mama yeah she just my type

I've been waitin for this all my life

C'mon baby let's take flight(so high)

Takin off tonight

Dat shawty she caught my eye

Like a Bently on the night

Feel like I'm on the ride

So I'm trickin on the spot

Listen to me while I speak this pimpin on the rocks

Let's kick it up a notch lil mama whatcha got

I been checkin this one out

I love her dirty mouth

She say o you really spendin me benj-ez you talkin bout

C'mon and take this route

This money you can't ignore

I say usually I don't do this but yeahp I pay for it


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