Waptrick Monrose - Leading Me On Song Lyrics

You're undercover, I know that you're good

Like no other lover, so maybe I should

Get into some trouble, now look what you've done

You've just begun

Like your friends in high places, you've comitted a crime

Losing my senses, oh all of the time

I succomb to your pleasures baby, the dangerous kind

Can't press rewind


You're taking me places

You know what to do

I'm losing my senses

I give in to you

You want me to want you

Consider it done

Boy you're Leading Me On

And it's turning me on

I'm hit with this fever

The fire is hot

Like the desert needs water

I need it a lot

You want me to want you

Consider it done

Boy you're leading me on

And it's turning me on

It's like I'm the addict, feels like I'm your slave

Avoiding the conflict, I need to be saved

I'm so desperate for you baby

I'm outta my mind

You're just killing time

The look in my eyes

Let's you know whats up

I can't go much longer

Without your touch

No more waiting patiently

This craving's taking over me now

Need your love!


You know it ain't no mistery



The power you got over me


See the look in my eyes

You know whats up

I need your touch


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