Waptrick D Banj Mo - Close To You Song Lyrics

Na lie I dey lie

if I tell you say

I no dey feel your body

I say na craze I dey craze

if I tell you say

I no dey feel your body

Girl I wanna


I wanna be close to you

wanna be close to you

wanna be close to you, eh


Girl, I think about you every night

wish I may, wish I might

be the one who sees your light

and be the man to hold you tight

girl you know say na your love

be like say e come from above


You are the one I'm thinking of

Come let me hold you baby

Come, let me hold you

Dont let me scold you,

Come to me and I'll hold you, eh

So when the sun comes up

girl, you will know whats up

So come lets get together so

that we can make it up, eh


VERSE 2 :: D Banj

Shey you like koboko

I know you like koboko

Nigerian girls gbadun koboko

I know them gbadun koboko

South African girls need koboko

I know them need koboko

London girls them like koboko

I know them gbadun koboko

She told me she was twenty

told me that she was friendly

Said koko master, please come and tip me

some of your candy

with woman fancy

just like the way you dancing

Tell me whats up, wanna get close to you

All of my kokolet and my mamalet oh


VERSE 3 :: The Prince

Baby baby

you pretty lady

you sexy baby

come get me baby

wanna have you baby

would you have my baby

wanna wife you maybe

you see I'm going crazy

oopsy daisy

the way you move your body

is driving me crazy baby

Girl, I want you baby

and I told you baby

you see I'm thinking baby

come help me baby

aint got time for fronting and fumbling

if you dey with the prince, na end of jobbing

Your love is the only thing I'll have to apply

you know this, you know you got to move it

I love you, I love you, honestly

Cant describe it,

baby girl, love is magic

me and you together,

see me close to traffic

If I lose you girl,

it'll be drastic

:: Wande Coal

baby girl, you're more than a friend to me

na you be the person oh

wey God done say we meant to be

baby, ma so pe o le fe mi rara o

cos I'm addicted to you like crazy

Girl I wanna be your bread and butter

make our love dey flow like water

Wanna be close to you, I know you heard me

did did did I stutter, no oh

You are like no other

baby, make we form a daughter

Know that she's gonna have that lovely smile

just like her mother

REPEAT CHORUS (till fade)

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