Waptrick Khuli Chana Ft AKA Zeus Reason Towdee And KayGizm - Hape Le Hape Laulusõnad

Look, I ain’t got half

of book as buzz

But everybody’s watching

I aint said a word why is

Everybody nodding

O sheba kae

You ain’t never seen

Me coming

Number hae so e cale

Already everybody bubbling

I’m a pro, though everybody

Makes it a profit

50 g’s is a show, hey

Nigga bout to top it, hey

Now hao na nyuku

Why you digging in your pockets

Hao na luto, leave that part

Out you aint gonna pop it,

Stop it, c top it, bona I got this

Remind me, first I got this

Cash to pass it, lefatse,

Ours for taking, hao sa le

Kentle, than you’ll be a star

In the making, lezwente

Pilo e thata, number one


Rocka, Khuli Chana

P.H We aint stopping,

We got a new one

Busting in we aint nothing

We gonna do it


Hape le hape

Again and again

Yo, Everytime I’m spinning

They say this shit is got giving

Nobody been official as me

You know how I mean it,

There’s plenty of other fishes

In the sea, but I can get

Christopher Reeves out of his

Seat, when I’m finished

I once heard that Will Tucker

Was the family chief

Now we breaking the leaves

Plus raising our seats

Trust is P.H Raw X on the beats

We gon do it over and over,

Again and again, I keep coming

In, coming with a wind I keep

Running again, breaking out

Setwana sa teng, monate wa teng,

State that I’m in I see that rise,

State that I’m like bill of first pay

Gordon Igesund, turn up my

Mic man, the whole crowd is listening

I’m glistering, and they wish that I would

Role like a missioling,

New heights from Maf-town,

The dope that I’m giving in

Reason I’m mass on that Konka Konka

With cats that have been cool

Since dwonka dwonk was

I was 19 since when

6 block was blowing up

And since than I blow few thousands

By blowing some

I mean my album is doing

Jus alright, I just need a toss

That could do it like Maf-town

Alright, hustling for pleasure I’m

Like fuck those guys, number

One is kinda better when I

Puffed all twice, like

The vibe is nice and easy

Wa bona le wena,

And I am just peacefull

Go bona wena, but the

South, west and east in

Another rand, you now

Rocking with the ‘‘T’’ of the

Double tswaknificent

Quick the club silican,

lose source of Maf-town

Thickening in ocdivicance

Split out le re ke teng

Split out all dividends

Miller pushing up the heights, so,

We got to do it again

You my friend

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