Waptrick Birdman ft Lil Wayne ft Drake - Money To Blow نغمہ کی غزلیں


I am on a 24 hour champagne diet

Spillin while i’m sippin it

Encourage you to try it

I’m probably just saying that cause i dont have to buy it

The club owner supply it

Boy i’m on that fly shit

I am what everybody in my past don’t want me to be

Guess what i made it

I’m the muthaf-cking man

I just want you to see come take a look

Get a load of this n-gga

Quit frontin on me

Don’t come around and try come gas me up

I like runnin on E

I, I, I,

Im on my Disney shit goofy flow

On records i’m captain hook and my new car is Rufio


Where my roof just go

Im somebody that you should know

Get to shakin somethin cus thats what Drumma produced it for

Yes i make mistakes that i don’t ever make excuses for

Like even girls that love me and Constantly seducing hoes

I’m losing my thoughts i say damn

Where my roof go?

Top slipped off like Janet at the super bowl,

I got em


they can’t help it, and I can’t blame ‘em

Since I got famous but b-tch, I got money to blow

Im gettin it in, letting these bills fall

All over your skin

Got money to blow oh oh oh oh


Richer than the richest

We certified gettin it CM YM Cash Money business

Higher than the ceiling fly like a bird hit the gucci store

And later get served

We smoked out with no roof on it

Them people passin so we smash on them

Ballin out we keep the cash on deck

Lamborghini and the Bentleys on the V-set

Louie lens iced out with the black diamonds

Car of the year Ferrari the new Spider

No lie i’m higher than i ever been

Born rich born uptown born to win

Fully loaded automatic 6 Benz

Candy paint foreign lights with my b-tch in

Born hustlin too big n-gga to size me up

Cant stop me more money burn em up



When I get paid every 24 hours money and the power

Come to VIP and get a Champagne Shower

I don’t have to worry because everything ours,

and I got a big bouquet of Mary Janes Flowers

That kush I promise Thats My Dude

But we don’t smoke that Reggie Bush

And I’m with two women make you take a second look

We poppin like Champagne Bottles But We Never Shook

and We Goin Be Alright If We Put Drake On Every Hook



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